Federico is the real fan of Brunello di Montalcino, one can even say that he’s in love as he considerates it the highest expression of wine not only in Tuscany, but also in Italy. A wine produced with only San Giovese , it ages in oak barrels for five years, has a very defined structure, but at the same time it’s soft and elegant.

Federico is interested in wine industry since he was young inheriting this passion from his father, lover and collector of wine bottles. Federico is always around the wine cellars in search for the particular bottles for his personal wine cellar and this is why he knows a lot of local producers personally and areas of wine production.

Federico likes to explore fantastic wine selection and food throughout Italy and this is why during the holidays he likes to take his family for an enogatronomic adventure.


La Cantina del Brunello is situated in the street that goes to Piazza del Campo, the biggest central square of Siena famous for horse racing, and the shop is not far away from one of the closest parkings to the center, next to Basilica di San Domenico, easily reachable with wine bottles.

The walls of Cantina are covered with thousands of bottles from top to the bottom and even without coming in it seems impressive, especially for the wine lovers.

All the producers chosen by Federico are following organic methods of production, use the minimum of sulfites (it’s very important for not having a headache). A lot of bottles that you can find in Cantina are not available for the foreign market, this is why you can’t find them in any part of the world except for Cantina del Brunello also because they are produced in limited numbers, not expected for exportation.

There are a lot of verticals available, the same kind of wine, produced in different years. A real fun for those who want to try different years of production having the idea of how the wine changes through the years. Masseto, Sassicaia, Ornellaia and other top wines are available in the shop.

During the restructuration works the floor caved in and Federico discovered an etruscan grave, dug in the tuff, where now he keeps his collection or holds tastings with his guests.

All wines presented in the shop, including some great bottles of rum, scotch, bourbon and french champagne are available for sale on the web site and are the same bottles that are sold directly in the shop and so they do not contain sulfites, a very important thing because the bottles that you can find outside Italy have a lot of sulfites added.

When you come to Cantina del Brunello di Montalcino fun and new friendships are guaranteed!